Attitude of Gratitude

Today I want to talk about showing the ‘Attitude of Gratitude’. I practice the attitude of gratitude on a daily basis and I find that it has greatly improved nearly all areas of my life. We all show gratitude in our daily lives but what I am really talking about is ‘feeling’ it. When you […]

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Today I want to talk about something that a lot of people struggle with, especially in the Autumn and Winter months.  I’m referring to Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. It is a real thing for many people and it can intensely negatively affect people’s lives, over the autumn and winter periods, dark mornings and the dark […]


My 10 Tips For Living With & Coping With Anxiety Guest blog by Annabel Living with and coping with anxiety can feel like, and mean something different to everyone, rearing its head at different moments in life – often feeling like a full force body swerve to the mind that you’re not expecting. It arrives […]

The 5 M’s

Mindset, Motivation, Movement, Metabolism and Mechanics. In an earlier blog I told you why I retired as a personal trainer and talked about 5 key areas that I believe are essential when producing a solid health and wellness transformation. The M Power 5. For each individual section I’ve created my own sub systems.  Let’s look […]

Why I retired as a Personal Trainer

In this blog I will be writing about “Why I retired as a personal trainer”. Now let me start by saying that DMC Fitness IS a company specialising in personal training and fitness. Julie, Pablo, Grant and Steven are all excellent personal trainers with decades of experience between them. So if I’m no longer a […]

Strength to Succeed

In February of 2019 the first Strength to Succeed mindset and motivation event happened.  This FREE event was put on by a great man and good friend of mine Steven Green. Steven Green is a self made man, highly successful and very passionate about personal growth and property. His mission to fight back against the […]

Bag a Munro: Part 2

Today I will be continuing on from where I left off in Part 1 by explaining why I think bagging Munros is a suitable metaphor for life. Well the way I see it is… In life you have to work hard to get any rewards you want.  Likewise it’s a shift climbing a Munro and […]

Bag a Munro: Part 1

Life is just like bagging a Munro. A Munro is any mountain in Bonnie Scotland with a height over 3,000 feet (914.4 m) the best known being Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the British Isles.  Munro’s are named after Sir Hugh Munro, 4th Baronet (1856-1919), who produced the first list of such hills, known […]