Post-Program Success Stories

I am a transformation specialist. What I mean by this is that I have designed and created various health, fitness and motivational programs that, when followed, transform the lives of those who follow the lessons within the program itself in a positive way. The industry is awash with these types of programs and some ask […]

2015 The Awesome Year Ahead

It’s that time again; the first couple of months of a new year and time for me to detail and plan my assault on 2015. A couple of years ago, I put this blog together. If you are new to goal-setting, then this is a great place to start. Exactly around this time last year, I […]

Mindfulness & Meditation

In the past, if you have ever heard the word ‘meditation’, you would probably associate it with a skinny bald man sitting on a cushion with his legs crossed at a distorted angle and with his eyes closed, making strange loops with his fingers and humming: maybe someone like this guy? Maybe you are like many […]