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Barry Martin

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My DMC Journey

It all started 2 years ago, through nothing other than a simple goal to be able to keep up with my kids as they ran and played. It all started as I found myself out of breath running after my 2-year-old daughter in Glasgow Green. I still remember that day as though it was yesterday.

Perhaps best described as a moment of clarity.

And now with her at 4 and a son at 2, it was the single biggest life choice I’ve ever made in terms of bettering myself. But where could I go….. What could I do… Who could help me….?

As an overweight male, in my early 30’s, who had never seen the inside of a commercial gym, and never followed a diet or exercise programme very strictly, I was very nervous about going anywhere other than google or a men’s health magazine for advice.

But along I went to DMC for my free (what did I have to lose) session and after my initial chat with Davie, I signed up.

My first year at DMC seen a dramatic transformation, losing 3+ stone, 20+ inches, and several % body fat.

I then left DMC for various reasons, but I continued to train the DMC way at home.

I invested in turning my garage into a gym, basically replicating the DMC gym in my house. I used all the knowledge that I gained and kept at it. However, once I got myself sorted out personally, moved house, etc, I made a welcome return to DMC.

Once again, seeing coach Grant every week we wanted to develop strength. This programme saw me hit all sorts of PB’s but the highlight would see me at 85kg, deadlift 202.5kg for 3 reps.

After 3 months I had a small break from the gym, probably as I’d been hitting it hard for 18 months, and just needed a rest from it to refocus my goals.

You see, the better you become at something, the more it becomes part of your life, the more lonely it can become at times. Don’t for a moment think that just turning up once a week at DMC is a miracle cure, it’s not. You need self-motivation, dedication, a willingness to change, a willingness to learn, and most importantly, an end game… What do you want?

What did I want?

Well, now I was fitter, stronger and in better shape, than I’d ever been in, I had the knowledge to stay fit for life, but I wanted more. I wanted to be the best version of myself.

So now with coach Pablo, I’ve moved my training and food to a new level and am currently on a new path to create the best me. I sat in the gym this morning at 6 am and just had a moment of reflection about where I’ve come from, what I’ve achieved, and it’s epic, it’s life-changing. And then my kids came down about 7 am and it very quickly reminded me why I started this journey.

I’ve never been more proud of myself, applied myself to a goal, or motivated myself to succeed more than I have right now.

So if you have ever looked in the mirror, looked at a magazine, watched a movie, or simply seen someone in person and thought, how did they get in that shape? How did they achieve that?

Start your journey by visiting DMC. It’s an easy choice to go, sign up and say I’ve got a trainer, I’ve got a plan and I’ll get results but it’s through hard work, and a dedication to your own wellbeing that will see you succeed. Sure there are low points but you can only experience the highs if you overcome the lows. And everyone at DMC is only a call, a text, an email away from an almost instant reply. The entire community that DMC has created are there for support and motivation, everyone you meet on the journey has been in your shoes, everyone has made that life choice to be a better version of themselves, and no matter what the goal, Davie and his inspirational team will get you there.

As we approach the end of the year, I have very clear goals, am very highly motivated, and more determined than ever to achieve the best version of me.

It’s almost that time of year I hate when you see all the commercials, media adverts advertising all the latest “fad” diets, and all the “miracle” cures for fat loss.

Let me tell you, there is no “miracle” cure for being overweight, out of shape, or lazy. The only cure lies within you, you need to want to change for life, and if you do, then get down to DMC FITNESS and they will help, guide, and motivate you towards your end game.

Your journey will never end with fitness… But it must start…