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Emma Cameron

before weight loss
after weight loss

After listening to me go on about wanting to get fit and tone up but not knowing how best to do it my fiancé produced a flyer for DMC. Having been a member of gyms in the past and having been to a personal trainer I recognised the benefit of having a helping hand. What I didn’t bargain for was just how much of a helping hand joining DMC would be!

I contacted Davie after looking at the testimonials on the website and after being amazed and (if I’m honest) somewhat skeptical of the results. However, that all changed when I went for my taster session and met Davie and Pablo, and some DMC students – living proof that DMC does what it says on the tin.

My goal was to tone up for my wedding and lose some of the flab that seemed to have appeared over the last few years. With a strapless wedding dress on order, my arms and shoulders needed some serious sculpting! Davie set me up a training program that I could easily do anywhere (working away from home was no excuse!) and could fit into my busy lifestyle. He overhauled my diet to cut down on starch and gluten and suggested alternatives that would have more benefit. (I had thought my diet was reasonably healthy but after seeing my food diary in week 1 – Davie said he didn’t know how I wasn’t heavier than I was!)

I was soon reaping the rewards of my new improved lifestyle – I felt much healthier and my clothes started to feel looser. I could see my body begin to change shape and look more toned. Every week I was getting stronger and able to do exercises I’d never imagined being able to do.

Saturday mornings became my favourite time of the week. Every training session was different with new exercises and challenges. I really had the DMC bug.

I won’t say it was easy – it could be extremely hard work training with Davie and Pablo – but I loved it. I even loved it when I was doing the 7 am slot on a Saturday morning with Pablo. My friends and family thought I was crazy but I was hooked.

All the hard work paid off and I felt fantastic on my wedding day and also on the beach on my honeymoon. I was the most toned I think I’ve ever been and certainly the lightest I had been in years. Everyone thought I looked amazing especially my toned arms and tiny waist!

With the wedding and honeymoon now over I am back on the DMC wagon. Everyone thought I was doing it just for the wedding but it has become such a way of life for me that I’m not giving it up…I’ve also got a few pounds to lose after the excesses of my honeymoon!

My love of training with DMC is evident every time someone asks me about it – and it is contagious. My husband has started his first block with Pablo (the dreaded 7 am slot on a Saturday morning) and I know he’s going to love it! There’s nothing like a wife who can do more press-ups than you to spur you on!