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Gillian Ferguson

personal training
personal training

My partner and I had fallen into the ‘relationship weight gain’ trap.  We had made many half-hearted attempts to lose the weight but none had worked.  We were starting to feel down about the whole thing and I decided we really needed to do something to change the cycle we were in especially as our wedding was approaching fast!

I searched online and found the DMC page.  I liked what they were saying and decided to book in for a chat.  I really wasn’t sure at this stage as I am not a natural in a fitness environment and didn’t really feel like I had the confidence to go.  This all changed after speaking with Davie who was open and honest and I immediately trusted him.  The gym had a lovely atmosphere, everybody was friendly and even as I was doing my fitness test (badly!) I didn’t feel judged or embarrassed.  I decided that this was the place that could really work for us and it has.

I have been training since the start of May and my initial goal was inch loss, which I achieved.  Almost immediately after starting the regime I felt better and like I was walking taller.  By the ten week check point, I felt leaner and stronger than I ever have before.  My circumstances have changed slightly now and my goals for the future of my training are strength and fitness.  I think I actually enjoy the feeling of strength more than the weight/inch loss.  It makes me feel like I can do anything and has also helped with aches and pains that I used to get in my neck and shoulders because I am carrying myself better, probably mentally and physically!

I love going to the gym for a session.  Grant is an excellent motivator and keeps every session fresh and interesting.  The passion from each person in the gym is so obvious and it’s nice to have people you can talk to about your training and also watch others training.

I have gained a lot from DMC but the main thing, apart from feeling stronger, is that I am much more relaxed about eating and my weight.  Going out for dinner and eating in general is no longer a touchy subject and this is because DMC has given me the knowledge to what I need to do to get my body back where I want it to be.  It is diet that I struggle most with, I love food and struggle sticking to a very strict regime but what DMC have done is help me learn what foods work for my body and I know if I eat that way I will lose the weight.  I’ve never had a dead cert like that before which is so reassuring if I do fall off the wagon a wee bit!

I am also much more confident and this really helped on our wedding day.  Both me and my partner both commented on our wedding day that it wouldn’t have been the same had we not found DMC.  This is because we felt great with everyone’s eyes on us because we looked and felt amazing.  We weren’t uncomfortable in our clothes and weren’t worried about the photographer getting us from an angle that showed our wobbly bits because we didn’t have any!

I really want to continue training with DMC because I love the feeling I get when I am there and afterwards.