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Jo Wild

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After having knee surgery over ten years ago, my fitness level dropped to virtually non existent whilst my appetite increased. Before I knew it, I was about eight stones overweight, trying so many diets, from calorie counting to sachets – always looking for the quick fix. My confidence dropped to the extent that my weight became the only thing in my life that I felt I could not control.

One day however something clicked: I realised that, actually, I could do it if I put in the effort! I started a journal and after losing half a stone and the weight loss stops, I recognised I needed help. That is where Davie came in. I carried out a search online and Davie’s story really captured my attention. Here was a guy who had struggled with his weight, and knew the psychology of weight gain because he had lived it.

We had a long chat on the phone, and he spoke about the domino effect, where you can make one positive change in one area of your life, and all of a sudden, that causes a positive change in another aspect, etc… His enthusiasm was infectious and we scheduled a taster session.

I attended that day with complete and utter honesty; there was no exaggeration or excuse. I took complete responsibility and told Davie that I was entirely in his hands. I was so incredibly eager and positive and felt like I could take on the world!

As with any big change, however, over the following weeks, doubts would creep in and I struggled. The thing is that Davie was there to hold my hand, and literally give me a hug when I cried (which was often).

The biggest problem for me was food, but this time, the opposite happened: I was frightened to eat! My weight was never a continuous drop because quite honestly, I had lived the previous ten years overeating and I just could not believe that eating would help me lose weight. I didn’t have a drastic loss, sometimes my weight was stable over a week (despite absolutely knocking my pan in with training) and I was gutted.

The thing with Davie was that he didn’t just look at the scales each week and tell me where I went wrong. After two weeks of no results, he took a piece of scrap paper and we spent the entire session lying on the floor of the studio (whilst Pablo’s student sweated it out on the other side) making a meal plan together. As in, we worked together to make a complete week of food that I liked: and it wasn’t a diet! In fact, at one stage, I was really upset, telling him I just couldn’t eat all of what he was asking me to. He basically told me I was either in this with him or I was kidding myself.

I took the leap, did as he asked, and the following week I had what remains my strongest week of weight loss in my entire life.

I can’t say the food side doesn’t remain difficult, but the proof is there and every time I feel myself slipping into what I guess is most people’s belief that if “you’re satisfied and full up after dinner, then you’ve eaten too much”, “feeling hungry means it’s working”, I pull my folder of notes, remind myself of that meal plan and re-learn the lesson.

In terms of the training, my first workout for the first month was basically the warm-up – and I’m not kidding! When you’re carrying eight stones more than you should, it’s tough!! But Davie was completely in tune with my absolute limit. He always pushed me to do that last one, even when I “knew” I couldn’t. My “knowledge” was always wrong: there was always room for one more.

When I left DMC (more on that later), the difference was phenomenal: I had dropped almost four stones in weight from that first day of writing in my notebook and could do moves and lift weights that I never thought I could. I could swing a kettlebell, do 150 jumping jacks and hold a plank for a reasonable period of time – my confidence soared.

Back to the domino effect: it is encapsulated in the description of DMC as transformation specialists. It is the best possible description. My life revolved around coming home and watching telly, I felt my career was going nowhere, I felt like everyone’s granny in terms of clothes because mainstream shops didn’t cater: but my life has changed beyond recognition.

So why did I leave? Well, logistics! The increase in confidence meant I successfully applied for a job in Gibraltar, and I’m now enjoying a fantastic life in the sun – I’m writing this with the balcony doors open and the sun streaming in. When I relocated, I went to (normal) shops in town and completely updated my wardrobe. I came over here and could lift my suitcases without wheezing and being knackered. I now walk places, because I have the have energy to get out and about. It’s funny, my first port of call when I got here wasn’t to find a restaurant, it was to find a personal trainer because I’ve more weight to lose and there’s no way I’m going back to that sad girl with no purpose.

I’m still embracing the journey, following the path Davie taught me, and my fitness continues to improve. I’d be lying if I said every day was easy because there are always challenges: but I’m halfway there and I’ll never go back. A lighter and fitter life’s too much fun!

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