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Ashlee Chapman

Ashlee before weight loss
after weight loss

I starting looking for a personal trainer when I looked in the mirror one day and decided I didn’t like the person looking back at me. I weighed myself and had a major shock when I learned that I was almost 200 pounds. I used to work out at least 4-5 times a week with my father, but since moving to Glasgow, that dropped to maybe once a week, if that. As my university course became more stressful, I started eating more and more junk food. I was constantly tired, having stomach problems, and not a happy person. I needed to change.

I found DMC online and went along for a free consultation. Within the first 20 minutes, I was drawn to the atmosphere of DMC and hoped that they could help to transform me the way they have with so many other people. My initial goal was to get back down to my original weight from 4 years ago. However, since then, I have seen so many more benefits than just losing weight. I have more energy throughout the day than I have ever had before; I am becoming leaner with more muscle; my stomach problems have completely gone away, and I haven’t had any sleeping problems since starting the programme. All of this is just by making small changes to my diet and training 3 times a week.

So far, since starting the programme in October, I have lost 2 stone and burned 31 inches overall. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next 10 weeks and beyond.