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Chris McLeod

before weight loss
after weight loss

When I first came across DMC Fitness, Davie’s story instantly got me interested because he had overcome a number of personal challenges to transform his own lifestyle for the better. After a look at the website and testimonials, I was hooked and I knew it was miles away from the boring drudgery of the typical gym routine, and something that I could really get into and enjoy.

After chatting things through with Davie on the phone, I got my taster session booked in and went along to meet him and Pablo. I won’t lie: I was nervous, but I was quickly put at ease by the friendly team/family atmosphere that the DMC crew create.

The great thing about DMC is that it really is personalised coaching, tailored to you and your requirements. The guys are totally focused on ensuring that you get the absolute maximum from each weekly session. If you put in 100% effort into doing well, they will support you in every way, ensuring you get the results you need.

So far, I’ve achieved fitness levels and results I never thought possible in my wildest dreams. To date, I’ve lost 21lbs, 7.7% body fat, my BMI is down by 5.4 and I’ve lost a massive 18 and ¾ inches off my body! Pablo and I have been working to improve my strength levels recently, which have increased by a massive 75% over the past ten weeks. Before joining DMC, my 36-inch waist trousers were beginning to get a bit tight. I’m delighted to say that they’re now long consigned to the bin and the 34’s I have on now are also heading that way; it’s a great feeling.

Pablo has shown me how I can easily train without any equipment and using only my body weight, which is great because no matter where you are, whether away on business or on holiday, I can train and ensure I stay in shape. I’m currently being introduced to kettlebells and the Bulgarian Bag… and I love it. Learning something new whilst knowing I’m achieving greater fitness levels than ever before is a real motivator to keep going.

I now have a sense of self-belief and confidence, as Pablo’s coaching and support have enabled me to do things that I never believed I was personally capable of. He has ensured that all my training has been tailored to me so that the best results are achieved at all times. Pablo’s approach to coaching challenges me to challenge myself, but he is extremely supportive and I have built up a great relationship with him as a coach, and a friend.

I can safely say with Pablo’s holistic coaching approach, focusing on my confidence, nutrition, and fitness, over the past nine months, my life has drastically changed for the better. As a result of the DMC crew’s approach, I know that it won’t just be another fad that I’ll give up and go back to the old unhealthy, and unfit ways. Training at DMC is the highlight of my week, because I know I’ll have learned something new and leave each session feeling on top of the world both physically and mentally with Pablo’s mentoring and the support from the whole crew.