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Yvonne Tortolano

Yvonne After

I’m so glad I spoke to my cousin and found out about DMC Fitness as I was about to go down the route of smart lipo surgery. If you’re thinking about that yourself don’t do it!! Instead, get involved with DMC. You will 100% NOT regret it.

I started my programme 12 weeks ago, as I needed to get myself into shape for immigrating to Australia. From my first phone call with Julie to my free induction session with Grant, I was hooked!

I then went on to meet Pablo who let’s just say… He knows his stuff, I have met a friend for life!

On my first day, I was soooo nervous, which was silly of me as I was made to feel right at home. It’s such a friendly upbeat environment to be in!

The mental and physical strength I have gained has been very surprising to me. I honestly looked forward to every session and couldn’t wait to get back. I finished up 5 days ago and I miss training there already!

I now feel confident walking into a commercial gym where there are loads of other people because now I have the experience and knowledge of what I need to do to be a success.

The support and knowledge you get from this team from start to finish are outstanding.

Now onto the numbers… I lost – 10.8lbs, 4mm/3.7% body fat, and 12.5″.

Thank you to everyone at DMC Fitness!