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Pamela McDonald

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I started going to a personal trainer a year and a half ago as I wanted to get in shape for my wedding. After a few months though, I didn’t seem to be getting anywhere fast –  I just wasn’t achieving the weight loss or fitness levels I wanted to and, while I enjoyed my weekly workout at the gym with my trainer, the exercises I was given to do at home were not tailored to my needs or what I like doing. I didn’t feel I was given enough advice on my nutrition either which obviously plays a big part in reaching fitness goals. I’d seen what one of my friends had achieved through going to DMC – she looks amazing! – and thought I would see if Davie could fit me in at DMC Fitness.

I went for my taster session which I really enjoyed and had a good feeling about. Davie managed to fit me into a permanent slot and, after top-notch coaching and advice from him plus a lot of hard work on my part, I started to see the results I’d been looking for. I felt amazing on my wedding day, it was great to feel confident in myself and to be able to enjoy the most special day in my life without worrying about how I looked.

Six months on from my wedding I am still going to DMC – going there is something I look forward to every week (and I never thought I’d hear myself say that about exercise!). Not only did I feel great for my wedding but my coaching and training have also played a big part in helping me to cope with depression and low self-esteem. Even if I feel a bit down when I go for my workout on a Saturday, by the time I leave DMC I feel energised and proud of myself for all I’ve achieved. DMC Fitness is a great place to go and Davie, Pablo and Grant are all encouraging, supportive, and inspirational – it’s hard not to let their positivity and enthusiasm rub off on you.

I love being stronger and fitter than I ever have done in my life and am really enjoying learning new skills along the way – being happier and more confident is a great bonus too!

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