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Maggie Muir

before training
after training

Can I just say I am chuffed to bits to have lost 15 lbs at the ripe old age of 66! “Never say never” is such a true saying. As a life long serial dieter I thought my diet wasn’t too bad before starting DMC. 

Eg I used coconut oil and ate very little in way of starchy carbs. All meals were made from scratch.

However I soon became aware that what I perceived as an odd treat had developed into multiple bad habits ( a wee piece of cake here and an odd glass of wine there etc etc! ) keeping a food diary is a great way to make you pause and think – if I eat this I will have to write it down ( and therefore own up to it! )

I have thoroughly enjoyed my weekly sessions at DMC. I have found them to be challenging to just the right degree. At the beginning  I was worried that old injuries might flare up but had absolutely no problems. I love the holistic approach and felt quite pampered getting my personal trainer to myself for an hour!

DMC introduced me to meditation. I had trouble getting my head round this at first so have enrolled in an online course in mindfulness which has been a huge eye opener – should be taught everywhere. I also really like the gym.