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David Wood

As a repeat client of the DMC team for the past two years, I’m always impressed by their consistently passionate, knowledgeable, and professional approach to coaching.

Time and again, the goals I set at the beginning are surpassed. For instance, two years ago when I first started on my DMC journey, I needed to lose weight. Not much (or so I thought – still being somewhat the weekend warrior) – 12 weeks later I was 1.5 stones lighter.

Beyond that, I have had the strength and conditioning gains I could only dream of whilst increasing lean muscle all the while, and successfully trained for a kettlebell coaching certificate. To date, all of this is sustainable within a normal hectic lifestyle most will recognise (work, kids, study, etc).

Let me put this into context; I was and am, an active but regular bloke. I have always been into health and fitness, but at the age of 34 years, I saw significant diminishing returns for my endeavour, whilst my waistline did anything but diminish. So based on very positive recommendations from people who know a thing or two about these things, I contacted DMC and can say it is possibly the best thing I have ever spent my hard-earned money on. No doubt about it.

And it is not just that I got lucky with one good coach in a team. I have been lucky enough to have been coached by all at DMC. Each has their own style of Tough Love, but all produce the same result. And by the way, as with all at DMC, not only is it about results, percentages, numbers, and sweat; it is also unashamedly good fun.

All in, I could not recommend DMC highly enough.

before training
after training