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David Doran

before weight loss
after weight loss

How did I come to know the DMC way? Where else but a café!

Standing in the queue awaiting my regular Friday treat of macaroni cheese and chips, I noticed a flyer for DMC Fitness sitting on the counter, picked it up, and in my pocket it went.

That was over two years ago. I was touching 16 stone and had been for around 18 months since losing around 3 stone as a result of breaking my jaw and not being able to eat. I was fed up; fed up of running every other night, and going to the gym and doing a bit of this, or a bit of that, with no real knowledge of what I was doing, without shifting any weight.

I was tired, lacked concentration, and was quickly beginning to put the pounds back on, then I took the DMC flyer out of my pocket, and from there my disheartened view of myself began to change. Rather than pick up the phone, I wandered along the 600 yards from my office and went into DMC.  Ever the pessimist, my first impressions of the photos all over the walls were ‘photoshop is good’ however, then I met Davie, his face I recognised from the wall. He told me his story, and my impression changed. He was straight to the point, not afraid to make bold statements about what he could do, even offering me my money back, the only caveat being, I did exactly what he said…and I did.

In my first session, I was introduced to Grant, another face I recognised from the wall and he was to be my coach. He was young, passionate, and a living example of what DMC could do for me. We quickly got on it and from the paltry 8 press-ups I managed during my first fitness test, through Grant’s encouragement, the weekly welcome at the gym, and the ever-changing routines, 10 weeks later I was a stone lighter and had lost in a total of 9 inches. I felt good. Another 10 weeks later and another stone lighter, but this time stronger, fitter, and 18 inches smaller. I felt great.

Possibly too great. I thought that was me, that I could continue this myself and take forward the many great things I learned and keep moving forward. Big mistake. Fast forward a year, I was 1½ stone heavier than when I left, doing even less exercise and with absolutely no motivation.

Having just returned from a family holiday, which was not enjoyed due to how I felt and my physical appearance, back to feeling tired, back to having headaches, back to the bad moods, my other sports of golf and hockey of no interest to me, I got back in touch with DMC and was welcomed with open arms.

6 weeks ago, I was reunited with Grant and we got straight back on it. He knew what I was capable of and of the benefits, the advances that DMC had made in my year’s absence would make to me. He changed my workouts, home programs, and eating habits, and as promised last time around, I did what I was told. In those first 5 weeks, I shifted 15lbs but more importantly, 15 inches from my body, only 3 short of what I achieved in my previous 20 weeks of training.

Grant doesn’t tell me what to do. He leads me, he directs me, he motivates me, and together every week we try and push that little extra and that last second out of the 60 minutes we have. And we do!

After struggling to manage 10 burpees in week 1, Grant promised I would be doing 100 in no time. It took 3 weeks and 100 were done, as a finisher. Last week I did 200 in my garage because the TV was rubbish.

The difference Grant and DMC make are they don’t just make your diet and force you to train.  They change how you think; how you live; they show you a way of eating that is not only good for you but that’s enjoyable, and the diversity of routines makes you look forward to training.

This time around I has found myself doing things with my body that I never thought I could and most importantly, I am seeing the benefits. I feel better, I look better and my other sports are also improving. In business, I am sharper, more productive, and better placed to succeed.

As an owner of a large property company, I know that in business believing in your product is vital to your success, but more importantly is the ability to make others believe in your product and themselves, which can only be achieved by delivery and results.

DMC believes in their product!

DMC delivers their product!

DMC will make you believe in yourself!

The faces on the wall are real people, with real stories, each one of them owing to their life-changing transformations to the dynamic, inspirational, and market-leading health and fitness products delivered daily by the DMC team.

What have you got to lose?