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Wendy Feron

Wendy before
after personal training

A Google search for ‘personal training in Glasgow’ last June is one of the best decisions I have made in my time on this Earth.

To cut a long story short, the company I work for was relocating our department to a new area last February and that was a bit of a blow to me. Our previous location had a gym onsite and was my saviour on so many levels. I could run, do a class or simply work out in the well-equipped gym at lunchtime or on some occasions after working hours. The new site, however, is quite remote and is a ‘sin’ gym, initially harshing my happiness, but the way I look at it now, it was a blessing in disguise.

Fast forward 9 months later, and I have learned so much more about fitness and nutrition than I ever knew in my 14 years of training. My goal when I walked through DMC’s doors was to train that bit harder and get more satisfaction in the tone of my body with the help of professionals in this area. On the first visit, Julie spent an hour or so chatting with me about the company, showing me results of previous and current students, finding out what I required to get out of my time with DMC. It was really in-depth but very relaxed. From that first session, she was able to identify obvious problem areas with my food habits and how adapting my diet would be beneficial in the training I was about to undertake.

Having a fitness test on the first day is innovative in that they can tell right away what level of fitness you’re currently at and where to begin your training. Each week from then on has seen me progressing through my sessions (which I have affectionately named in my head as No Mercy Mondays) getting stronger and fitter-LOVE those chin-ups. The food diaries are exceptional for keeping you on a weekly motivational track, there are going to be times when you fall off the wagon but we are all human and Julie, Davie, and all the DMC staff are non-judgmental; any slips are seen as just that and you just move on concerned with the future, not the past.

Being armed with all this knowledge and guidance has made training more gratifying. A personal flaw of mine is, although I don’t need my handheld, I do like the idea of an ass-kicking, someone to tell me I need to do those other 10 reps, run faster, etc, I work better that way and I’m sure I’m not the only one out there like that! And the thing is, the guys at DMC want all good things for you too, it’s not just a ‘job’ to them, their attitudes to the work they do is above and beyond the call of duty, their enthusiasm and passion for what they do is very infectious, roughly translated-it encourages me to strive to do better each time I’m there.

If you can recognise signs of being in a rut, or alternatively want to transform the way you train to look & feel better about yourself, then contact these guys, you will not be disappointed.