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Billy Smith

before weight loss
after weight loss

In November 2012, I started my fitness journey with DMC Fitness, Glasgow. I write this testimonial in November 2013, 12 months on.

The truth is that gyms bore me to tears. I have joined many in the past without ever lasting more than 3 months. DMC is not a gym; it is a life-changing environment.  My body shape, weight, attitude to fitness, beliefs, diet, and goals for the future have considerably changed, all for the better.

My past year has been a journey towards peak fitness with a determined desire to keep pushing boundaries.  I am now more physically fit at 37 years old than I have been at any other time in my life.

Now don’t get me wrong, the trainers at DMC are not magicians.  My incredible results have been achieved by combining the unique DMC advice, guidance, and commitment with my own bloody hard work, commitment, and beliefs; the net result has been truly astounding.  The mirror now shows a worthy reflection.

Onwards and into 2013!