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Sheena Costello

before personal training
Sheena after

“She may look happy and confident but she is far from it!” was the comment from my hubby when Davie saw my photo on Facebook.  Davie’s reply “bring her along to meet the team and we will soon get her happy and confident again” was the beginning of a great journey for me and one that was to become life-changing.

When the date was arranged to go meet Davie I was extremely nervous as instinctually I knew that the time was right to deal with a lot of past issues regarding my eating habits, how I viewed my body, and the effect that these issues had on all areas of my life.  I knew deep down that it was now or never and in all honesty, was fed up with the constant bullshit that I told myself.

The gym was not what I expected, from being a previous gym attendee I automatically looked for my comfort zone… treadmills and cross-trainers!  There were none, there was loads of equipment but none that I recognised, such as, weights with handles, massive big rope things, and a bizarre set of bags hanging on the wall.  All of this quickly became insignificant when Davie appeared with a massive big smile and welcoming handshake.  During this first encounter, I walked in nervously and bounded out hopeful!

The first serious realisation was when Davie handed me a folder, which contained a food diary… my heart sank and as it floated to the pits of my never-ending food bullshit I realised that there was far more to this programme than the usual gym training.  Completing the food diary whilst receiving constant advice and guidance on my eating habits was one of the most profound things I have done. Being able to chat about how I felt eating certain foods and what happened to my moods when some foods were introduced or removed was fantastic.  Getting that constant and consistent feedback on progression gave me the drive to continue as well as the instant results I was witnessing. Being able to speak about emotional ties to eating as well as getting my sweat on from an intense work-out was fantastic.  I was soon becoming mentally lighter as well as physically.  Those weird-looking things that I noticed during my initial visit were fast becoming the highlight of my week… I now own my own weights with handles have played with the ropes and can swing those bags around my head!

My transformation with DMC is even more remarkable considering that in September 2010 I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries and told that to reduce symptoms I would have to take daily medication, potentially for the rest of my life.  When I challenged this and asked if I could try a ‘lifestyle’ change first, the specialist remarked that someone in my condition would struggle to lose weight and would only succeed if I was taking the medication.  I asked for a three-month ‘grace’ period to try a change of lifestyle and although I had cleaned my diet up (to some extent) and ran 2-3 times per week, I could not move the weight.  With the knowledge that if I went back to the hospital I was going to be on medication for a long time, I stuck my head in the sand and continued to eat semi-healthily and run.  This belief (by both me and the medical professionals) that I could not remove the weight without medication was eradicated by the holistic approach during the training programme, which ensured that I not only lost weight, eradicated symptoms but ensured that my belief system in what I could achieve was strong, focussed and healthy.

The uniqueness of the programme with the honesty and openness of the DMC crew about where they are in their own journey and how working together will help everyone achieve their next personal goal is their greatest strength. Having a training programme that is totally tailored to your needs on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level is unique and life-changing but above all one to respect. DMC may be a company’s initials but every student who walks through their doors are embroidered into that company name and I for one are very thankful that Davie started that conversation with my hubby, especially since the hubby now responds “yes, she is confident, but most importantly very, very happy!”.