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Gordon Bain

before weight loss
after weight loss

Like most people my age, I spent my forties telling myself that I was perfectly healthy and if I just lost a few pounds, I would be fine. I had a gym membership and turned up regularly, I followed various diets, lost those few pounds and then put them back on again. I did a few exercises in the gym and kidded myself on that I was as fit as I had ever been.

However, as that big birthday loomed, I decided that enough was enough and perhaps I should get some serious advice. The DMC Fitness flyer arrived on my desk from somewhere so I picked up the phone and fairly quickly found myself trying to do ten star jumps – failing badly.

There wasn’t really any particular moment when I thought I was unfit or overweight until, that is, I reached my target weight, then kept going lower.

The process with the guys at DMC is not hard to follow. You are supported by normal, friendly people who are not muscle bound gymnasts, just friendly people like you. More importantly, they have all been where you are and applied the same methods to get to where they want to be.

They don’t just tell you to exercise until you drop, it’s never that hard. You work to a sensible programme covering exercise and nutrition that you can keep up with and they help you to understand how your body reacts to different food types. They are there for help and advice when you need it and they keep you on track when you stray.

They never told me I was overweight or unfit but looking back now, I can see just how unfit I was, which was not the reason that I started using them. I thought I just needed to loose some weight. The strangest thing now is that I have more energy, I work harder, I sleep better and I understand what happens when I eat too much sugar, which I still do on my weekends off. The difference is that I know what to do to get back to where I want to be, quickly and effectively.

So, my birthday arrived with me being 30lbs lighter and my waist measurement is now less than my inside leg. I can easily do 100 star jumps. What I didn’t appreciate was the level of general fitness that I would achieve and how much better I would feel overall. I sold my motorbike and bought a bicycle and have been out with my nieces and nephews, showing them how its done. I have a completely new wardrobe and buy fitted shirts from trendy shops probably for the first time in my life – at least this time they fit properly!!

It really has been a life changing experience, even if that does sound like a bit of a cliché. I just wish I had done it ten (or twenty) years ago!