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Natalie Stott

before personal training
after personal training

I had slowly been putting on weight over the last 5 years due to poor food choices and no exercise. First, it was due to studying for long hours in the library, and then it was due to working long hours as a junior doctor. When I got engaged, I thought it would be an incentive to lose weight– I didn’t like how I looked in pictures and wanted to be happy with my wedding album. However, wanting to lose weight and actually doing it were two different things. We had tried cutting out the junk and going to the gym but nothing seemed to stick. It was getting closer to the wedding and I was starting to feel I would have to just be a “big bride”.

Then, in April, I got a leaflet through the door mixed in with junk mail. For some reason, I was drawn to the leaflet, with the before and after pictures of previous students showing amazing results and decided to have a look on the website. I read more testimonials and thought if they could do it, why couldn’t I?! I still had over 6 months until the wedding and nothing to lose. I signed up for my free taster session with Pablo and was sold! I had my first session with Julie before I went away on holiday and was able to use the warm up exercises while I was away and felt better almost immediately.

I had my first session with my coach Steven when I got back. This was probably the toughest session of all, and it didn’t involve any exercise! We discussed nutrition, as well as my thoughts and feelings surrounding food, and this process made me realise that eating less wasn’t the key to losing weight – I had to address what I was eating and why. I then worked through my weekly training programme, and lost a stone in just a few weeks. I was enjoying having more energy and learning about a new approach to eating. I even managed to convince my husband to adapt to my new way of eating, having fresh soups and salads for lunch rather than crisps and sandwiches.

Eventually, my exercise and eating plan became part of my routine. I looked forward to my weekly sessions with Steven and started to enjoy exercise (even press-ups!) When I started at DMC, I told Steven that my goal was to lose weight, become healthier and feel better about myself. I also had a secret goal to lose 4 stone, but thought that was a bit ambitious! However, on my last session – the week before the big day – I reached my secret goal and got to ring the bell for the 4th time in 6 months! This was one of my happiest moments; apart from getting married, of course! – as I thought it was something I would never be able to achieve.

It all came down to lots of hard work and a few tears along the way but it was also so enjoyable and loads of fun. My wedding dress ended up being about half the size it was when I ordered it, much to the dismay of the dress maker! I love being a part of the DMC family, and was itching to get back to my training after celebrating the wedding. I have felt so supported throughout my journey, from Davie’s regular emails, to the closed Facebook group where you can share ideas and questions, but mostly from my trainer Steven, who I now consider a great friend and who I wouldn’t have been able to reach my goal without.

I look forward to continuing on my DMC journey, using all of the tools I have been taught to stay healthy and happy, and hopefully ringing the bell a few more times! I would 100% recommend DMC to anyone who wants to lose weight and get fit. You will love it!