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Fiona Flynn

before weight loss
after weight loss

I was introduced to DMC by my husband who works close to the gym. He didn’t have the time to commit to the program 100% but as he’d promised to get me a PT after having our baby, he booked a taster session for me instead. Thank goodness he did……!

Having always loved the gym & exercise classes I was very much up for having my own PT to shift 3 of what was left of the 5 stone I gained while pregnant. I was the biggest I’d been in about 6/7 years after losing over 50lbs with a slimming club and managing to keep most of it off but pregnancy unleashed my sweet-tooth beast and I felt frumpy, uncomfortable, and unfit. Slimming clubs serve a purpose but they don’t teach you about nutrition in conjunction with exercise which is very much a “food is fuel” mentality. There was no way in the world I was going to go back to work at that size nor was I going to buy big girl clothes again. I wanted to be a slim, fit & healthy new mum.

Meeting Davy was an inspirational experience as was seeing the unbelievable before & after pictures on the reception wall. I wanted to be up there in the Hall of Fame! So I signed up at the beginning of February for a 10-week block & I’ve never looked back. 20 weeks later I’m 40 pounds lighter and I have lost 40 inches from all over my body. I feel great, my pre-pregnancy clothes not only fit but they’re loose, my eating habits have changed, I am more aware of what I am eating & why and I’m more motivated about exercise & nutrition than I’ve ever been!

DMC promotes “strength for life” and this is what you get. You get a workout program designed specifically for you and Grant my coach encouraged and pushed me to and past my limits at every session. I loved my Monday morning sessions and I will definitely be back for more once I get settled into a work/life routine.

For anyone considering signing up, I say do it. Now!! If you commit to it you WILL see amazing results!