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David McInnes

My age is not a barrier to what I can achieve, instead, it inspires me to push myself to achieve what I would have thought would have been impossible several years ago.

When I started my training I would not have believed that in my mid 60’s I would be snowboarding and skiing or have won my local club bowling championship.

Let me take you back to 2008 I had been a member of a commercial gym for a number of years, using the treadmill, cross-trainer, and all of the machines. I’ve always had a weak lower back so was a bit wary about lifting too much weight because it usually ended up with a visit to the osteopath.

I tried some personal training but ended up damaging the cartilage in my knee doing kickboxing.

Davie was my wife’s personal trainer and he would chat to me when we met in the gym, sometimes giving me some free tips on how to improve my technique. One day my wife couldn’t make one of her sessions with Davie so I stepped in rather than cancel. I have been training with Davie ever since.

Being 6ft 4ins I thought that I could get away with being over 18 stone so initially, I just wanted to stay fit. Davie designed programmes for me to help strengthen my back while avoiding too much pressure on my knees. The aim was to get me fitter and to tone my body up a bit.

At the beginning of 2011, I was down to about 17.5 stone, which I thought was as light as I was going to get, and was in fact quite pleased to have achieved this.

However, I wanted to change my goals for 2011 and asked about doing more strength work because I couldn’t even do one chin up.

Davie suggested I needed to lose more weight to help me achieve that. He helped me change my eating habits by considering what’s good to eat and when the best time to eat it is.

He reckoned I could lose 1 stone by the end of June. I was down to 16 stone by the time I went on holiday in July.

The only problem was that having lost 6 inches from around my waist my shorts kept falling off when I dived into the pool! I am now about 15 stone 10 lbs and am enjoying the benefits that are bringing.

before weight loss
after weight loss

By the end of 2011 I was able to do chin-ups, swing 36kg kettlebells and press 32kg kettlebells as part of my weekly workouts and loved every minute of it.

My back had been strengthened and I’ve had no lower back pain since I started working with Davie, and the full body workouts meant that my knees were stronger too. Davie was more scared of me doing deadlifts and squats than I was.

Given that my weight was down to a good level my goals changed for 2012. I was really enjoying training with kettlebells and we decided that in 2012 I would swing kettlebells competitively.

That goal was achieved before the end of February when I participated in the sprint snatch competition in the English Open Kettlebell Championships.

Since then we have set up the Glasgow Kettlebell Club (GKC) within DMC Fitness and many DMC clients now have the bug. We have competed during 2012 in the Scottish Biathlon Competition in Aberdeen, the Welsh Open Championships in Cardiff and in several Scottish club competitions at DMC Fitness and in the Kelvin Hall.

The rate of progression from everyone in the GKC has been tremendous over the few months we have been competing and I’m looking forward to seeing how this will continue in 2013.