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Angela Wood

before personal training
after personal training

I had booked a holiday and decided that if I wanted to have the best holiday ever, I would need to feel good and look good. After my previous success at DMC Fitness after having my two beautiful kids, I had let bad habits creep back into my diet and due to personal circumstances, my regular exercise plan had become very irregular. I knew that returning to DMC Fitness was my only option.

Julie was assigned as my coach and I couldn’t have been more delighted. As a team, we worked together on a healthy eating plan and an exercise regime that would suit my lifestyle, which can be hectic being a mother of two and juggling a full-time job. As Julie was also a working mum, she could empathise with the associated pressures. I felt really engaged with my objectives and was fully supported by Julie throughout.

In my first 12 weeks, I lost 21 pounds, reduced my body fat by 4.8%, and burned 18 ¾ inches and I can honestly say I felt fantastic. After returning from a wonderful holiday, I booked another block straight away, as I didn’t want all my hard work to go to waste. Randomly, I always wanted to be able to do a full press up and I can now do 12 in a row! Julie always pushes you to the limit with varied workouts focusing on the areas we would all like to improve. I always feel that I have maximised my exercise time and I always enjoy the challenge!