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Mhairi McNaught

before training
after training

I can still remember that exact moment I decided to take the first step in turning my life around for the better. Exhausted, hungover and with a greasy takeaway on its way for my five flatmates and I, I had never felt so physically and mentally drained. I remember looking in the bathroom mirror at my reflection and feeling disgusted. I didn’t feel like myself anymore. I went straight on to my laptop in desperation and searched “personal trainers Glasgow”. One of the first results that I came across was DMC Fitness. Intrigued, I began reading through previous students’ stories and I was hooked. Their amazing transformations inspired me to book in for my free consultation.

Having always been an overweight teen with a relatively active lifestyle I couldn’t understand how I had reached the size I was. I’ve been a member of a gym since I was 14 and regularly played badminton. The number of crazy diets I had tried and failed to then eating rubbish was an endless cycle. But, I was in denial and student life didn’t help. Moving out at 17 I was oblivious to the impact the partying, drinking, long desk hours, and laziness had on my health. After two years in this spiraling routine, I had hit a breaking point and turned to DMC for help.

I turned up to my consultation to be greeted and put through an introductory routine by Pablo. I was impressed by the studio and all the staff was welcoming and friendly. Pablo listened to what I wanted to achieve in my weight loss and I felt confident and excited when he told me how DMC could help. I had no doubt about signing up for the programme! In my first session, I got assigned with my coach Laura. She was lovely and had told me about her journey being a student at DMC herself- which was very comforting as she had been in my position. Laura taught me the DMC exercises suited to my level of ability and went over a manageable healthy eating plan. The overwhelming encouragement from Laura and her positivity rubbed off on me as I began to get fitter. To this day, I look forward to coming into the studio every week to progress on my training with her as she is a joy to work with.

I would be lying if I said it wasn’t tough. Often, it’s those closest to you that try and put you down or don’t acknowledge your achievement. However, you need to do this for yourself. I have had some difficult times in my journey so far that test my willpower to its absolute maximum. However, if I remind myself of what I had achieved already, along with the encouragement of my coach Laura, I manage to push myself on. If you’re 100% committed and put your confidence in DMC’s expert routine you will get the results you want. It is as simple as that.

Someone asked me the other day “When do you think you will be finished with this fitness fad you’re in?” and it occurred to me that I don’t have an answer to this. I can never see myself returning to my old habits after the education and valuable lessons that DMC has taught me. They have not just helped me reach personal goals but have changed my lifestyle around.

Thank you to my coach and everyone at DMC Fitness.