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Ian Goodwin

Ian training

Approaching 4 years with DMC now, and I am fitter and healthier than I’ve ever been in my life, maintaining a total weight loss of 6.5 stone.

Since my first testimonial, I’ve concentrated on getting lean and building muscle. I’m not kidding myself. I’m never going to have a six-pack or do modeling, but the ego is boosted when I notice my body changes in terms of muscle growth and definition.

I’ve also become completely obsessed with nutrition, specifically around fat loss, and would love to have the courage to change career direction with it.

DMC has taught me the skills to allow me to enjoy food and drink, without getting obsessed about my weight. I know that sometimes I will put weight on, but I know exactly how to take it off again. I know what my body will react against and I know what makes me feel balanced, happy, and full of energy. I don’t worry about what the scales say. As Davie says ( often! ), scales are for fish!

There is no bro-science or one-size-fits-all advice that you’ll get everywhere else. Everything is tailored to the individual and, working with your trainer, you get full concentration during each session to ensure you get the most out of it. They will also advise on nutrition, supplements, home training, etc, to ensure you maintain progress away from the gym.

Four years ago, I was desperate and had many warnings about the risk of a low life expectancy. Now, the docs use me as an example of what can be done. Wow – that feels good!

So, same advice as before. Pay for a block of ten, follow the guidance of your trainer, manage your food, and train hard. I would bet hard cash you’ll be happy with the results and you’ll come back for more!

Check out Ian’s previous testimonial about his first year and a bit with DMC:

Fourteen months and 24 days…

That’s all it took to reach my target weight loss of 6 stone. By simply the following advice from my coach on diet and home training, coupled with a weekly session with a DMC personal trainer, I had exceeded my wildest expectations in less time than I would have imagined possible. My fitness and health are the best they have been in 20 years, and I am medication and illness-free!

But back to the start…

In the summer of 2013, at the age of 43, I was in a dark place in my life. I had had a very difficult 6 months in my private life, coupled with health issues like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep apnoea. As a generally confident and outgoing person on the outside, on the inside was a different story. I hated the way I looked. I felt unhappy with myself in the present day and pessimistic about the future.  Tipping the scales at 22st was undoubtedly a huge factor in most of these ailments. Having tried many gyms over the years with very little success, and diet plans with some albeit very temporary and short-lived success, I was desperate!

In early July 2013, I noticed a leaflet for DMC Fitness, making all the same promises as the rest. To be honest, I was immediately cynical but gave it the same attention as the others. I had some email and phone conversations with Davie and Julie but still resisted the urge to get involved. After a few weeks of procrastinating, I decided to wander over for a look. I met Pablo, who was with a student at the time but still very welcoming, and he showed me a “before picture” of the student he was coaching. The difference in just 9 months was enormous! I was sold…

After my free consultation with Julie, I signed up for a 10-week block with the attitude that it couldn’t hurt to try. Grant became my trainer and immediately set about a personal plan for my goals, which were essentially weight loss and increased energy levels. The training started with a focus on the bodyweight exercises which I could do at home. Within a few weeks, I would be doing entirely different training on a Wednesday to that which I did at home. This provided variety and ensured I was working in many different parts of my body equally.

At first, I struggled with the concept of ‘clean eating, but once I got organised, I found it to be key to the whole experience. The weight started to come off, my fitness improved, my energy levels were higher and people were starting to notice! Within my first block of 10 weeks, I found myself committing to 100% “toxic-free” (foods void of gluten, wheat, and dairy, above all else) weeks every second week or so to maximise the impact. By the 3 month mark, I had completely re-educated my palate, focussing on unprocessed, natural foods. I am eating more and better now than I ever have.

So what puts DMC a level about the rest, aside from the unbelievable results? It’s a very tight team. As cheesy as it might sound, it’s like a big family. All the trainers are similar in personality; positive, motivating, experienced, knowledgeable, sincere.  The support outside of the gym is also incredible. There are regular blogs from Davie, a Facebook page, YouTube channel, weekend seminars, and text message reminders from your trainer.

If my story sounds familiar, don’t think twice. Give DMC ago. Do what you’re asked to do for only 10 weeks, and then judge. If you follow the training, give clean eating a good go and give 100% in your sessions with your trainer, you’ve got every chance of success. And trust me, it feels good…