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George McKee

before weight loss
after weight loss

I have been with Davie for over a year now and it would be fair to say that I am a completely different person both mentally and physically.

Previously I was obese, my diet was poor and I hadn’t done any form of exercise (except chewing) for many years.

Davie has helped me to change all of that and it is thanks to his constant help, support and mentoring that I have turned my life around – I have lost 5 stone in body fat, now eat a healthy diet, and am often to be seen skulking around the gym, red-faced and sweaty.

Having been very unfit and overweight himself, Davie understands what it is like to try and lose weight and find a passion for exercise and this is a big help – indeed, this was my principal reason for signing up for personal training with Davie in the first place. He has been through it all and understands fully all the preconceptions of going to a gym full of fit people.

Personal training is not just an exercise programme though – Davie looks at the whole picture and prepares an individual nutrition guide based on sound scientific and common sense principles – no fad diets here. In fact, since I started to follow his advice I now get to eat more and still lose weight – what more could you want?

The exercise programmes have been a real education for me – learning proper technique and understanding exactly what it is that your body is doing is vital. I am constantly learning new things and have developed a really good understanding of the principles of good exercise. Davie teaches you with his unique style he keeps it simple and easy to take in at the same time he ensures you do retain the information and understand the theory behind it – personal training is not just about having someone following you around the gym and shouting in your ear.

My programme is constantly evolving as I progress and Davie is there every step of the way to make sure that I am working to the limit of my capability – one year on and I am still amazed at my own progress. You simply cannot motivate yourself the way Davie can.

I am a middle-aged accountant and church organist so perhaps not the type everyone might imagine would enjoy kickboxing. How wrong are they! It is the most satisfying form of exercise I have ever done and not just because of the release of aggression – the training is a great workout and a real confidence booster – my kickboxing session is the highlight of my week.

Davie and I have developed a strong partnership and it is through this that I have recently conquered my mortal dread of water and have started swimming, this I had tried to do four times previously with qualified swimming instructors unfortunately they all deemed me unteachable and gave me a full cash refund. After asking Davie to help me it took us one session to confront and conquer my fear and four sessions later I can now swim (not that far) unaided, while I have no immediate plans to swim The Channel, this is one of the greatest achievements of my life and it is only through Davie’s understanding, support and encouragement that this has been possible.

Davie changed his life on his own and he has a real passion and love for helping others change theirs too. I am one on a list of many within our gym who have benefited from Davie as a teacher, trainer, and friend.

I did it and so can you; you never know it may just change your life as well!!!