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Ian Malarkey

before personal training
after personal training

The best compliment I can give to Davie and the Team is you would never think it was a business it’s more like they are doing it out of their passion for health and fitness. I just wish I came to Davie sooner!

To start I have to stress I have been training for around 5-6 years with the main aim to have the athletic muscular defined look and a low body fat percentage to reveal my abs. I found myself eating 5, 6 sometimes 7 times a day every 2-3 hours. The main problem I had, to begin with, was misinformation and information overload on the web. To let you know how naïve I was, to begin with my friend and I bought a maxi muscle cover model stack around £100 a mixture of fat burners, protein and some other supplement which was so good I can’t recall it!! So that was me sorted and a few months later I would be ripped lean and defined. Yeah well as some of you will know it doesn’t work out like that.

I spent many months training changing routines trying different supplements then reading the next best thing. I was gaining muscle but not getting the look I was aiming and striving for. If you then add weekends of drinking, eating garbage no wonder I wasn’t getting results. I scoured the Internet and came across a famous American natural bodybuilder Tom Venuto. I bought his book the body fat solution which encourages eating 6 times a day with high protein, complex carbs, and fibrous vegetables as the main focus. For me, this wasn’t enough and wasn’t working I needed something more radical and more hands-on. Many people have succeeded with Tom’s approach but this was about me! I know I wanted help or advice from somewhere but this wasn’t it. I knew I had the determination and wanted my health and fitness goals and if I saw a change noticeably that would be all I needed to push forward.

Christmas 2011 I decided I was going to push through and try something new in January and enjoy Christmas knowing I was going to make a change. I then called on Davie at DMC Fitness I had been following his Facebook page for a few months and I liked the posts, the food pictures, and the training I was noticing. Some stuff I hadn’t came across before and I found that refreshing and had me interested and also encouraged and invited my training Partner to join me on what hopefully was going to be the right path…..finally.

So I booked in for a taster with Davie he explained what he does. Right away I could sense his passion for health and fitness as he listened to my goals intently and seemed like he knew his stuff, but as with the industry, you find yourself a little doubtful. I had a good feeling after the taster session and booked a block of ten sessions and considering the money spent on supplements in the first few years with no results I didn’t hesitate. I have learned so much about my diet and to be fair Davie told me I was eating the right stuff but just too much. I have learned to fast once a week and cut out the starch from my diet on certain days and when to take on starch after heavy training days. I have been doing a mixture of circuits, bodyweight circuits, kettlebells, boxing, and a whole range of other surprises. I will never forget the introduction to the Prowler and if you find yourself coming to DMC fitness you will soon know what I mean.

After 3 months of a new diet, new ideas and re-education, and inside knowledge I lost a total of 16 inches of fat from my body gained an inch around my shoulders and my forearms, and gained on my calves. I was 13 stone 2 but now a leaner fitter faster healthier 12 stone 4 and down to 9% body fat with the all-important abs being revealed. I am buying size 30” waist jeans and trousers and my back has now taken the triangular tapered shape in t-shirts and tops. Davie has cost me a fortune as I’ve had to get a whole new wardrobe!! The best compliment I can give to Davie and the Team is you would never think it was a business it’s more like they are doing it out of their passion for health and fitness. I just wish I came to Davie sooner!