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Stuart Davie

before personal training
after personal training

I met Davie about 5 years ago when I first got into Mixed martial arts.

I continued training while Davie was off setting up his own business, We lost contact as we were pursuing other avenues. However I got in touch with Davie again after seeing the fantastic results of one of his fellow students Doni.

I used to compete in Mma and didn’t take the dieting and weight cutting seriously as I didn’t know/ understand how to do it effectivley.

I used to sauna 3.5kg for a on the day weigh in and fight the same day. Which had a detrimental effect on my performances as I had no energy when I got in the cage.

I have now taken up muay thai boxing where the striking aspect of it is more appealing to me. So I made a commitment with davie that for my fight I would use his expertise amd follow the strict diet and training regime to the letter which was bespoke to my requirements and plan.

Throughout my time spent with Davie i’m currently sitting on weight 3 days out from my fight with 6% body fat. I feel stronger both physically and mentally that I ever have and would encourage anyone to use DMC.

Best investment I have ever made as it hasn’t just changed my body he has changed my life.