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Stuart Cameron

before personal training
after personal training

I started training with DMC at the start of the year having been on their early morning waiting list for a few months at the end of 2011.

My motivation for joining was 3 fold; it came from listening to how much my wife enjoyed training with the team, seeing how much her training had developed over the previous 12 months, and knowing that she was now able to do more press-ups than me! It was clear that DMC had understood her objective and her focus and I was hoping that if I joined they could do the same for me. And I’ve not been disappointed.

I have always enjoyed keeping fit through running and playing various sports but I lacked the real knowledge and understanding of how to train properly and exercise in a way that maximizes what you get out given the effort that you put in. I was keen to put on a bit of weight and body muscle whilst maintaining a level of aerobic fitness but I wanted to do it in a controlled way that would deliver the optimal results. The hour induction gave me the opportunity to discuss my objective and it was clear that the team knew what they were talking about.

We looked at my diet and although I did not eat badly I have made a few changes that have really helped me to achieve my goal. The training itself has been really enjoyable and I always look forward to my weekly session with the team. They make sure that your training program is varied enough to keep things fresh and make sure that it is developing at the same rate as you are improving. It is hard work but the team understands your limits and will constantly challenge you to reach them.

If you want to learn from a team who really knows what they are talking about and are willing to make some changes to your diet to complement your training and work hard to get stronger and fitter then looks no further. DMC are the guys for you.

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