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Training is now much, much more than just training to become ‘fit’ or ‘in shape’, training with them is life-changing

I have known both Davie and Pablo now for nearly 6 years, it all started back in Bannatyne’s Glasgow City Centre gym when Davie was working as a self-employed personal trainer and Pablo was working as a gym instructor/ personal trainer in the gym.

So the journey began, Pablo took me under his wing in early 2007 and I haven’t looked back since, I then proceeded to start training at DMC Headquarters in 2010 which was fantastic, not only being trained within the top quality facilities of the gym but having access to the wealth of knowledge of both Davie and Pablo whenever I required it.

In 3 short words, I believe passion, dedication, and inspiration are what Pablo and team DMC have practiced, and proven to me throughout my time training with them. Training is now much, much more than just training to become ‘fit’ or ‘in shape’, training with them is life-changing. I have learned so much in terms of my health and fitness knowledge, but also in terms of my life skills and attitudes to life. What I have learned inside the gym from the team has proven invaluable outside the gym.

In terms of my own personal goals and success, since training with DMC and Pablo, I can safely say I’m in the best shape of my life at this moment in time. My initial goal and still one of my current goals is to simply be an athlete. My body fat is now under 8%, down from nearly 24% when I started, and I have gained over 1 stone in quality muscle, whilst I am continuously improving in all aspects of my training, including strength, conditioning, and flexibility. I have not had one day off work sick in the past 5 years, and I simply feel amazing.

DMC has proven time and time again that they are the best at what they do, the service they can offer is truly 1st class, and I can safely say I feel they are Scotland’s, if not the UK’s number 1 choice for personal training and lifestyle coaching. I believe I am an experienced gym user (I train 5 x per week and have done for over 5 years), and to compare the current standard of a gym instructors and personal trainers to those at DMC, well you simply can’t. That is how far above the general industry standard they are, and how far above the normal call of duty the team has gone for me. The training facilities are 1st class, and all members of the team are exceptionally passionate about what they do. The support you receive from the team when with them in the gym, and away from them outside the gym is invaluable. I always feel like I am part of the team whether I’m in training or not.

In summary, I cannot recommend DMC highly enough. Everything about the team, the gym, what they stand for, and what they practice is exceptional. The results they are able to deliver, and the expertise they can offer are truly invaluable and inspirational. One of the best decisions I have ever made in my life was to seek the advice of Davie and Pablo all those years ago. I have never looked back since becoming involved and cannot wait to achieve many of my future goals with them.