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Martyn Howe

howe before training
after training

What I now call my DMC journey started in October 2012. I had just returned from holiday in Majorca and was nearly hitting 17st on the scales my heaviest I had been in my life. At this time we also looked through holiday pictures and to say I was disgusted to what size I had let myself get to is an understatement. I was Obese, Fat whatever you want to call it, I was unhappy, uncomfortable and knew I had to do something about it.

I had met Davie from DMC a few years back briefly at a networking event so knew of him, but it was my business coach Forbes Bryce who also works with Davie that brought Davie to my attention again.

I got Davie’s contact details and arranged a taster session within the week. That morning I woke up and had that nervous feeling you get when you are going to try something new. I kept thinking, how will I get on with being so overweight when I go along? Well I completed my taster session and could not have been more surprised in how comfortable I felt In the gym and speaking with Davie about some of the things in life that had affected how I was feeling and my eating habits, he assured me that we could work through this and guaranteed me that I would have two stone off before Christmas, I felt a bit unsure about this.

I then went home that afternoon and spoke to my wife Samantha who was in the same predicament as myself overweight and un happy. So within the week Samantha had arranged her taster session. On attending her taster session we both booked a ten week personal training block.

The following week arrived quickly and there I was at the gym for my first training session with Pablo, one of the coaches at DMC. Pablo took all my statistics which could not have been a pleasant experience but he survived. We then had a chat about what I was looking to achieve and Pablo first of all listened which was great and then advised in what I should remove immediately from my diet this consisted of wheat, dairy, starch, and fizzy drinks. My diet had consisted of a lot of this up till now but I was determined to do something so took everything Pablo said on board. We then went through the DMC warm-up and cool down procedures and home training circuits I was to do at home. When I left that day I was buzzing and instantly knew I had made the right discission.

My ten-week block came to the end just in the run-up to Christmas and what had I lost 26lbs! Just under 2 stone, I was well chuffed! What made it even better friends and family had started to comment on how good I was looking and how much weight I had lost – this must be one of the best compliments in the world!

Here I am January 2013 and my journey continues along with Samantha’s who also lost 2 stone in the run up to Christmas with her trainer Grant. We are both happy, comfortable and buzzing with our DMC sessions which we have continued into with a new block booking.

If you are serious about losing weight and getting healthy there is only one place in the planet I would go – DMC Fitness – You guys are amazing!