Nicole's whole outlook on health and fitness has changed for the better and she'll never look back

Before DMC
After DMC

Nicole realised she needed a complete change of mindset to get herself into shape. DMC Fitness completely changed her outlook on health and fitness, and she'll never look back.

My name is Nicole, I am 27 years old and originally from Canada. The reason I joined DMC was because myself and some friends and co-workers signed up for “Tough Mudder”. I knew I was out of shape, but what I came to realise was I needed to transform my mindset as well as my body.

My coach Steven at DMC has helped me the whole way. He has given me the tools and support to change my perspective of fitness. At DMC Fitnes, they understand it’s not always possible to make it to the gym. They provided me with everything I needed, including nutrition guides and programs that were suited to my goals and were adjusted as I progressed towards these.

Working in the hospitality industry, working late nights meant that sleeping all day was never enough! I now have more energy and live a more productive life! Since joining DMC I have lost 2 stone 2 lbs. but I’ve gained so much! Not only do I look better, but I feel better. Fitness is part of who I am now, not something I do. Returning home to Canada, I feel confident, happy and prepared to take on anything!

I highly recommend DMC to anyone who wants to change, but doesn’t know where to start!

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