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Mary MacAskill

before training
after training

My journey with DMC began in January 2015. I had previously worked on my poor relationship with food and recognised that I needed help with nutrition, personal fitness and importantly my mindset. I met with Davie and shared with him my life experience, one where I had been filled with self hatred and loathing, where my attitude to life had been to try to eat myself to death.

I developed diabetes and almost managed it as the medical profession had given me 5 years to live. This did lead to me taking drastic action and I had a gastric band fitted and lost 14 stones in a year. I then needed reconstructive surgery to deal with all the excess skin. Over time I worked on my attitude to how I viewed myself, how I related to others in the communities I operate in and still the problem with my relationship with food remained. I was at a stage where my leg muscles were not working properly and sometimes I would take a step and my leg would not hold me and I would fall up or down stairs. I needed help. I had gained 6 stones when DMC was recommended to me as a company that could help me in achieving success in the next part of my journey.

From that initial meeting with Davie, a bond was established where I felt secure in the knowledge that I would be supported and helped every step of the way and I haven’t looked back since. Training started the next week. I met Grant who would work with me and be my personal trainer. We looked together at my motivations, my current levels of fitness (or should I say lack of fitness) my food diary and a plan set to help me succeed in my goals. Grant has encouraged me every step of the way, adapting routines to my ability levels and being a constant source of encouragement and a confidence builder helping me develop self belief that I can achieve all he asks of me.

Now people, who know me well, will tell you that I am not big into exercise. I always wanted to ski so I learned when I lost the weight and I walked, anything else was a big no no. I injured my knee and was told I would never ski again and at that point stopped taking any exercise. So what has been the difference for me at DMC. I achieve. Grant has established routines with me that I can do, improve on then be stretched some more.

He has taken me from a very poor fitness level to a place where I recognise the differences in what I can do. I see gains in my ability. Every week we review my weight, what I’ve eaten and why I’ve eaten it, my exercise goals and my mind set. Grant will challenge my thinking processes and make me work through my mental attitudes in what I do. The outcome is that I leave every week invigorated. To date I’ve lost 50 lbs and over 50 inches and physically and mentally I am so much stronger. My leg muscles now do their job and I no longer put my weight on one that fails to support me, result, in fact after 3 months with DMC I went on my first ski trip to France, I was ecstatic.

Now, I’m no spring chick, but at 55, I’ve still lots of well being miles to achieve, and so my personal motto will continue to be smile, sparkle and be confident. My next steps are to continue to lose weight, to improve my strength and flexibility to have a positive mindset and to be in the best shape of my life. I now look forward in anticipation rather than trepidation to working towards my goals. With the help and support of my DMC family I am confident that I will achieve my goals and I haven’t even started on the positive support you get from the other clients who are working towards their own goals.