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Sarah Heward

Sarah Running
Sarah Heward

I feel fantastic!

And what’s even better is everyone is that all my friends are telling me that I look fantastic, which is sooooo good!

These guys at DMC deliver on their promise and I’m very grateful to have stumbled on them through a Google search.

At the start, Davie confidently told me that if I did what he told me to do I would get the results I wanted… and he was right.

I have just completed my first 10 weeks at DMC Fitness and I am 20lbs lighter, I feel healthier, I do not have the tummy troubles I have long suffered from and I am toning up and getting stronger just the way I wanted to.

I have had personal fitness trainers all my adult life with varying degrees of success. Over the years I have competed 2 Ironman Triathlons and numerous other marathons/triathlons/quadrathlons etc. As my 50thbirthday is looming, I thought it was time to revitalise myself and make a change after 5 years with my previous coach and working far too hard running my own business, I was burnt out. I can honestly say that since joining DMC I have never had results like these before, I am loving it and I will be signing up again and for the foreseeable future. I would not want to be without this program in my life, it is a really holistic approach that deals with more than just weight loss or physique.

I have worked hard myself since joining DMC and followed all the advice given. DMC are well geared up after perfecting their programme over the past 7 years. You feel as if you are in the hands of people that know what they are talking about, they are not newbies. They have all the support you need if you put the work in. There is email advice, YouTube demos, a mindfulness app, a folder with numerous handouts, recommended books and, of course, your weekly session.

I have completed my circuits at home.

I have tried hard to follow the eating programme and adopt it as a lifestyle choice. I have read and researched more about it.

I have watched the YouTube demos when I wasn’t sure about exercises.

I have done my ‘homework’ when asked.

I have invested in some excellent sports massages from Kat at the gym to support the program and help my recovery.

I have taken the recommended supplements.

I don’t know where this is all going right now but I’m loving it and I would thoroughly recommend DMC to anyone who is serious about improving their lifestyle, health and well-being.

Sept 2019 Update

I returned to DMC 3 months ago after a 2 year gap during which time I was pursuing Ironman triathlon and felt I couldn’t justify staying at DMC with the time and money I was spending on IM.

My return was prompted by a serious bike accident which left me unfit and lacking in confidence. I felt really miserable and sorry for myself about where I was. I had also sustained severe achillies and calve injuries from the relentless long distance training.

It was time to re boot and reassess.

Signing up for DMC again instantly gave me hope and comfort. I knew I’d be in very good hands and that the team there would help me recover both physically and mentally.

Since joining up again, I have worked very carefully, consistently and steadily with Pablo to learn a tailor made routine which is building up great base conditioning and strengthening my weak spots to prevent further injury..

I can report that thus far, the painstaking work is paying off…

Last weekend I entered a 10k race and came 1st Female Veteran but more importantly, I ran well. I wasn’t dogged with calve and ankle pain, I really enjoyed it, winning my category was a bonus!

Today i’ve just completed a 10.5mile run, clocking my fastest ever 10miler and this is on top of a run on Monday and Tuesday bringing my total run over the last 3 days to 21 miles.

I can’t believe that I am running pain free. I am no spring chicken (soon to be 55) but I feel like I am 30 again!

I am so so grateful to Pablo, Davie and the team at DMC.