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David Hunter

I’m David Hunter. My date of birth is 1953, so I hit the unpleasant milestone of 70 this year.

My occupation, my background is in property. And for the last, 20 years, I’ve had multiple roles as a chairman of various companies, etc. Generally, which entails me to fly down to London every second week for two or three days.

When I came here five years ago, I talked to Davie and he said, “What are you wanting to achieve?”

I said that I want to be as fit at 75 as I am at 65. And he loved that. He said, That’s great. We can do that.

I’d always been reasonably fit just by chance, more than effort, but I recognised that I needed something more structured in my training and this has given me the opportunity to do that.

I’ve never been particularly strong. I’ve never done weight training and the like. So that’s what we’ve focused on.

Recognising I’m getting older, we do quite a lot of stretching and I think the benefits of that, the combined benefits are really good and we get a balance in the sessions I do we do the first 20 minutes of pretty intensive  stretching and that leaves me to go on to the tougher weight training

I definitely feel better. I feel a lot better after the training than I do when coming here (laughs). But I think that’s that’s normal.

I definitely feel stronger. I have the mental benefit that I know I’m doing this. So with, with the travel to London and such you’re putting your body through a lot and knowing that you are at least weekly getting a good workout is really quite reassuring.

I would say from my point of view, the main result has been a combination of strengthening and the fact that I have learned how to do stretches. I still don’t do an awful lot of stretches at home, but I know what to do. So if I do feel a bit stiff, I know what’s good and what’s bad.

David Hunter hanging crunch

I guess most people to some extent dread their sessions. These are hard work and they wouldn’t be doing the job if they weren’t hard work. But I I’m so pleased every time I’ve been. It’s a discipline that I wouldn’t otherwise have.

So I sign up every time my group of weekly training sessions comes to an end. I’m very happy to renew. I never give it a second thought.

Pablo‘s been a very good coach for me. I think he has sussed me in terms of my capabilities. We have between us got to a great balance between the stretches and the the exercises themselves and the weight training. He does keep pushing me a bit and when he sticks an extra kilo on he gets abuse from me. But we usually get there.

I would say this is particularly good for someone who doesn’t have the self-discipline to work out a lot. I’m speaking from my own perspective here. It introduces a discipline into your training. It introduces you to ways in which to stay fit, both the stretching and the weights work. And from my point of view, that’s been an education. I think for someone 50 or 60, this has been perfect.