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Gerry McGuire

My name’s Gerry Maguire. I was born in 1963, and I’m a bar manager.

I joined the DMC Fitness about 11 years ago. I joined to get fitter and I had a few injuries that were causing problems. I was recommended to join Davie at DMC, so I did.

The impact that DMC has had on my life is that I’m physically stronger and mentally in a better place. I’m making the right choices in my lifestyle. And injuries are few and far between because I’m training with the best.

My weak points are stretching, warming up and cooling down. All of the things that prevent injury. DMC are big on that but I’m not very happy doing it because I’m 60 years of age and I find it hard to do it. However, I’m working on it and I’m getting better.

I first came 11 years ago and I lost four stone in the first six months to a year. I maintained that for three or four years and then Covid hit.

Covid had a terrible impact on my life because I just didn’t train. I couldn’t come to DMC. Trying to do it in the house just wasn’t the same, I was not as motivated. So for two years, very little exercise was done.

I’ve put a couple of stone back on and since COVID ended and started back training. It’s gradually coming off. I took a stone off last year.

Gerry McGuire dumbell press with coach Davie

The type of training that I do, when I’m here with David is strength, flexibility, basically all-around fitness. My previous injuries in my ankle and knees, Davie knows how to work around that.

My training schedule outwith DMC consists of walking every day, lots of cardio every day or as much as possible when I can, and go to the gym twice a week and do routines that Davie’s produced for me.

I keep coming back to DMC Fitness because I love it. It’s more than a gym and it keeps me focused. If I wasn’t coming to DMC, then I wouldn’t be doing all the good things that I’m doing. I’d go back to my old ways.

I just feel that DMC compared to commercial gyms are just far superior. The trainers Pablo, Julie, Grant, every one of them are so educated and they pass that on to you.

I’ve recommended loads of people to DMC and they’re still here to this day and it’s as simple as just come and try it, you know? It’s the best that’s out there.