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My name is Taroub. I was born in 1962, and I now do a couple of non-executive directorships and otherwise live a life of leisure. I began training at DMC Fitness around 2015.

The reason at that time was that I’d started sailing and you really need quite a lot of upper body strength to be an assistant to a sailor and I had very little upper body strength at the time, so I was quite keen to develop some and I knew that I didn’t know how to do that myself. My son had been here for a while and he recommended that I might get a sort of individualised training programme to help me with that.

Now I am immeasurably stronger and fitter than I’ve ever been previously in my life. As a teenager I played a huge amount of sports and then I went on to have some quite big jobs and raise a family and had very little time for myself. So it was also a way of building up some time for myself. So I think physically I’ma pretty fit person now. My stamina is really good. And personally that has opened up new opportunities for me to do different things with friends and family.

I’ve enjoyed coming here enormously. There’s a wonderful atmosphere here. It’s very much sort of bespoke and I really appreciate that. I’d always had an image of gyms being in a particular way, and that didn’t appeal to me at all. I’ve never been a gym bunny, but coming in here people work very much at my pace but also push me out of my comfort zone and I really appreciate that.

I had quite a serious shoulder injury a few years ago and I thought that was it. I thought, I’m not going to be able to train anymore. Both Davie and Grant and with Pablo’s help, have been absolutely amazing and have managed to work around it and worked with it. My shoulder has come back from sort of being on the brink of surgery to mostly working really well. And if I have a hiccup or a setback and I have the confidence that I know it’s fixable. So in that sense, it’s made an enormous difference to me.

Taroub kettlebell shoulder press

I work with two coaches so I come twice a week. I do one session a week with Davie and one session a week with Grant. Broadly, the way it’s panned out is that on a Tuesday I concentrate really hard on my my shoulder and working on strength as a big part of that session. And so that’s very, very focused. And on a Thursday I work with Grant and that’s kind of all overall conditioning.

If you’ve had an illness or something like that, everything’s adapted to get you to work with whatever level of strength you’re at, whatever level of health you’re at that point. And then whenever you’re in really good form and good shape, you’re just pushed that little bit further. So I find them very responsive and very much tailor things around me.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about joining DMC Fitness? I think my advice would be not to feel intimidated that you come in and if you’re not used to gyms.

It looks quite scary. Everybody looks like they know what they’re doing, but you would be surprised how quickly you can actually learn the drills and learn the kind of training that’s that’s good for you. It’s a very warm, friendly and welcoming place.

It’s not intimidating. It’s not competitive. It’s not about out doing other people. So there’s no machismo or whatever the female equivalent is about coming to a gym like this.