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Dave McInnes

My name’s David McInnes. I was born in 1954, so I’m 68 now.

I’ve been retired since 2010. I play a lot of sport. I’ve got a dog and I walk the dog a lot. I’m a member of a bowling club and I spend a lot of time getting involved in things with that. So I like to keep active.

I started training with Davie McConnachie in 2008 when he was a personal trainer in Bannatynes. My wife actually trained with him, she was ill one day and rather than just put Davie off, I said I would do the training. At that time I was 57 and I was spasms in my back, problems with my back quite regularly and dodgy knees. So I didn’t really train much.

I would come in and use the cross trainer in the gym and not did an awful lot and Davie felt that I could do more to strengthen my back etc. So after a training session with Davie, I felt actually quite good. So I started booking sessions with him.

I went from having regular back spasms to effectively getting rid of them almost four years after I started with Davie we started kettlebell competitions.

I had to build my fitness up quite a bit to get to that stage, I think I lost three stone. I went from 18 and a half stone to 15 and a half stone and then competed in kettlebell competitions in England, Wales, Scotland. Since then I’ve gone more towards the mobility and flexibility side of it.

As I’m getting older the key thing that I want to do is to be able to continue to do the things that I want to do. So the more mobile, the more flexible, the better, and that helps in my sports.

Bowling is my main sport and it helps me considerably to play that. I’m playing for 2 and 3 hours playing against other people that are tiring whereas I’m feeling quite strong at the end.

In general as I get older I want that to continue. I want to be able to do things as I got older. That’s the main thing.

You know, it’s one thing having an idea in your head says I want to get fit. I want to stay fit. But left to your own devices, I feel you don’t do it. And what this gives me is an opportunity once a week to have an hour session with Davie who will look at how my fitness is going.

Whether we have any niggles, when we need to change the training I’m getting week on week to suit where I am, what I’m doing for both competitions what I’ve got on and that gives me that motivation because David then gives me a routine to follow during the week.

Dave RTX

If I didn’t come to see Davie, I wouldn’t have all of that. I wouldn’t be thinking about my diet. I say diet, my food, the type of food I eat. I don’t think I’d have the motivation to continue to do it myself. And he does a lot of things that I wouldn’t normally do things like working on my grip and wrists, etc. Things that I wouldn’t think about.

So that’s why I keep going back. Plus the fact that, you know, I’ve known him for 15 years and we are good friends now, as I am with Pablo, Grant and the other trainers.

Working with them is ideal. I’ve been with them the longest of any client apparently. Other people may have left or gone to one of the other trainers, but I’ve been with Davie for 15 years and I thoroughly enjoy it.

If it’s not something you’ve ever done, you’re starting from scratch then they’ll set you on a programme of training that will suit your needs and it’ll build up your strengths, build up your flexibility and mobility and your fitness, and over time you’ll feel the benefits.

I’ve never looked back and I don’t think you would look back once you start