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Jane Tubb

My name’s Jane Tubb. I was born in 1969 and I’m a TV editor.

I’ve been coming to DMC Fitness since 2018 and came in the first place because I was sitting on a beach in the Canary Islands, having just done a yoga retreat and I just knew I wanted to do more exercise. I needed the focus and the expertise of somebody who knew what they were doing to lead me in the right direction.

I remembered a work colleague who had joined here and I remembered from the back of my mind where that gym was and phoned straight in and spoke to Julie. She set me up with an appointment and I came in the next week.

Coming to DMC Fitness has had a great impact on my life because it’s given me a structure to my exercise and it has made me stronger.

The motto is “Strength for Life” and that is so true because everyday things are easier. Even from lifting shopping, to getting things off a high shelf or just knowing that you can move well. That is a big thing in everyday life. Just giving you the confidence to know that you can do these everyday things.

Part of the reason I came here is because I have quite a sedentary job. Being a TV editor, it’s long hours sitting at a desk working to deadlines and it’s quite intense. So I was aware of sitting down all day and needing to increase my fitness to ironically actually sit down all day and do the job.

Jane Hex bar dead life with Pablo

So it does help with that and then my trainer, Pablo, is giving me techniques I can use throughout the day to move around more, even though I have to be at a desk. He’s giving me mobility exercise ideas that I can do and ensure that I stand up during the day.

I think my discipline of doing exercise has increased. My focus at work as well and concentration. What keeps me coming back is the accountability that I have each week. And I know I’ve got that appointment and I know I’ve got to be there because somebody else is waiting for me to be there. I think that’s a big part of it, is having that 1-to-1 session each week. For me, that’s the thing that works.

Like all exercise, maybe sometimes you don’t want to do it. And sometimes I wouldn’t have got up at seven in the morning or six in the morning to come. But you do feel better at the end of it.

My trainer, Pablo’s brilliant. He’s such an expert in his knowledge of exercise and, putting that into practice each week in a very measured precise way. So I always trust him. And I know that what he’s planning for me is what I need.

I don’t think there’s anywhere else like DMC Fitness that I’ve seen. It’s been built up from the ground by somebody who is passionate about exercise. Davie has a great team and everyone’s passionate about what they do. So if you are thinking of coming in, just get on down, I would say.