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Chris Rose

My name is Chris Rose. I was born in 1973. I am a business manager for an electrical contractor.

I first  joined DMC Fitness when a good friend of mine recommended me to them. I had a back injury. A ruptured disc on my left side. So I had a lot of pain and less mobility. So I had to do something. I was just getting so lazy.

In my time with DMC, I’ve notice a massive difference. For example my flexibility I’ve noticed an improvement when I try to touch my toes and trying to put my hands behind my head, also a massive improvement in my leg where the accident occurred.

Chris Kettlebell deadlift

What keeps you going back is the fitness instructors. They are more personal, one-to-one. They’re always looking out for you but always pushing you to the limit. You get more impact from in the personal side of it compared to a local gym. When you go to a local gym they start, you count from one to ten, you get to nine, then nobody knows where you are. These guys are focused on you all the time. They’re always looking to improve what you can do in your day-to-day.