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Professor Lorne Crerar

My name is Professor Lorne Crerar. I am a lawyer, chairman of and founder of one of Scotland’s largest law firms called Harper Macleod. I was born in July 1954 and I’ve been coming to DMC Fitness since 2018.

My wife and one of my boys had been coming to DMC Fitness and recommended it. I was a bit reluctant to be honest. I’d had a really hard time at work, put on a bit of weight, and my wife made an appointment for me and forced me here. I’m glad they did because it is one of the best things I’ve done.

I’ve got to that age that I’m concerned about my physical wellbeing and I wanted to be lithe and fit so I could keep on doing the many outdoor things that I enjoy. DMC Fitness really helped me with that. I also had a very serious knee injury from when I was a rugby player and they really helped improve it. So I haven’t had to get a knee replacement which is unexpected and very good.

In my business life, I find it helps me calm down and manage stress. I box when I come here on a Thursday which really helps me keep calm and as well as make me feel fitter. I believe in a healthy mind and a healthy body, and I would say my time training at DMC Fitness has been pretty transformational.

I’ve referred lots of friends and work colleagues here and they have really found it to be helpful for their for their mental and physical wellbeing.

I like to feel physically fit. I’ve lost a bit of weight. I’ve put on quite a lot of muscle. I am lithe and fit enough to go hill walking and sailing which I like to do, so I feel a great deal fitter and more able to do a lot more things I want to do than when I started.

I like the environment and the people here. I don’t feel like an old man in a gym. I feel part of a family that are keen to help me and I enjoy the whole experience. I think it’s really important for my physical and mental wellbeing and if I don’t come, I miss it.

Lorne Boxing With Davie

I really enjoy working with Davie. He is a very unique character. He’s really helped me personally in terms of my mental wellbeing and helping to educate me around what I can do to cope with stress, how to eat better, how to stay fit and how to make the most of my life. So Davie is a really important person to me over the years and I really value coming here and him in particular.

What I would say to someone thinking of coming and joining DMC. Well, I suspect you probably were a bit like me, a bit nervous about what would it be like, what the people would be like? What would the other people in the gym be like? I would unequivocally say, give it a try. I came a little bit reluctantly and now I’m very committed to it. Everyone I know that’s come to DMC has got something out of it. So I would say do it